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Style and technology travelling together

Crew Cab

“Extended” vision of the concept of transport.

TEKNE-ModenaBus has studied and applied since forever the most innovating construction processes, customization and improvement of its vehicles aiming at maximum efficiency and durability. Every component is designed and tested to get maximum performance over time and resistance to the exposure to natural weathering processes and corrosion. The simple and linear design simplifies and speeds up maintenance minimizing down time of vehicles.

Crew Cab
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Crew Cab

Modularity and attention to comfort. A modern approach in vehicle design ensures greater usability  of instrumentation in the driver’s seat and at the same time comfort for passengers in addition to the possibility of adapting equipment to any particular need. High performance and low consumption respecting the environment totally.

Low-emission engines and high recyclability of construction materials make TEKNE-ModenaBus Crew Cab vehicles unique.

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